The Heart-Based Living Online Hub

In this uncertain and unsettling time we are offering a range of ways to practise heart-based mindfulness and connect with others online.

Morning Mindfulness

Start your day with a solid foundation: a morning mindfulness meditation will change how you feel about yourself and about the world in general.

When: 8am – 08.20am GMT (Monday to Friday)

Cost: Free

Where: Hosted on Zoom*

With: One of our experienced facilitator team

*If you are joining from Zoom for the first time here are some video explainer resources to help

Staying Grounded: An Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows us to navigate difficult situations. Providing an antidote to the huge uncertainty and change in the world right now: we will offer practices for calming and grounding in the midst of life’s challenges.

These online interactive sessions will include:

  • guided mindfulness practices
  • the nature and benefits of mindfulness
  • tips for incorpating mindfulness into daily life
  • time for questions

Cost: Free

Where: Hosted on Zoom.*

With: Karim Manji

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As a qualified Secondary School Teacher, Karim loves making mindfulness simple and accessible.

*If you are joining from Zoom for the first time here are some video explainer resources to help

Keeping Connected: An Online Mindful Listening Space

Why do we need listening spaces?
How do listneing spaces work?

Creating a foundation for wellbeing, harmony and connection: join us in a Listening Space.  This is a chance to experience being truly heard and a chance to practicing a special quality of listening that can have a transformative impact on the way we communicate.

During difficult times, these opportunities to come together to truly listen to each other offer a way to reduce our fears and anxieties.

To offer as time for everyone and a safe a space as possible, please note that spaces are limited to 12 participants.

Guarantee a space on a listening space by joining us as a member.

Where: Online via Zoom*

With: One of our experienced Facilitators

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*If you are joining from Zoom for the first time here are some video explainer resources to help

Mindfully Together: Weekly Teaching and Practice

Join us for a weekly teaching from our experienced facilitators. These sessions will focus on a different aspect of heart-based mindfulness and heart intelligence each week allowing us to build our mindfulness practice and respond to our unfolding situation with creativity, resilience and compassion.

When: Tuesdays 1pm – 2pm and available as a recording after.

With: One of our experienced Facilitators

Cost: Free for our members

Heart-Based Living Facebook Community

Please read the guidelines on entering the FB community – we want to keep it a happy and useful space for everyone!

Our Facebook community is for anyone who has joined any in-person or online event with us.  Join our online community:

  • to share and ask questions about your own experiences of heart-based living
  • prompts for community explorations on different elements of a heart-based lifestyle
  • to share resources and inspiration on how to live in a heart-based way
  • to join in community polls and help shape the resources we offer you

Learning Hub

Please visit our digital learning hub.

Enjoy these free audio and video resources covering some of the foundational practices of heart-based living. These are designed to support you in bringing these practices into your daily life and to inspire an exploration of how they can provide a foundation for deep self-care, resilience and more whole hearted engagement with everything we do.

Heart-Based Living Foundations: An Online Course

Explore a holistic approach to wellbeing, joy and resilience through this self-paced 8-week online course, which introduces the foundational practices of heart-based living.

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We are offering as much as we can for free so that people can benefit from heart-based mindfulness in these times of need.

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