Start Mindfulness – Welcome!

It is with much heart and enthusiasm that we welcome you to our online course in mindfulness, made for beginners at this time of stress and uncertainty.

We hope it can help to support you to find moments of real rest: from stressful thinking, in your body, and weaved throughout your day. The course focuses on how to soothe your nervous system, mind and emotions and build your capacity for resilience and ease.

Each week begins with 3 or 4 short teaching videos – a maximum of 30 minutes in total. These cover the basic ideas we’re exploring in each week’s learning. Each teaching video comes as an audio track too, and you might enjoy taking time away from the computer to listen whilst lying down somewhere comfortable or take them on a walk outside.

We’ll meet live on zoom each week and we’ll have 75 minutes to practice mindfulness together, to share our experiences of these practices and discuss our understanding.

Each week is further supported by a series of resources:

  1. Audio guidance to help you practice the techniques at home;
  2. Videos for any teaching requiring a visual aid,
  3. Reflection activities for those interested in exploring further how these approaches apply to your own life and
  4. A community forum for sharing experiences, challenges and successes.

We look forward to meeting with you and to our learning from one another how to bring more ease and happiness into our lives, right in the midst of our world right now.

About the Course

Lyndsay gives an overview of the experience of Start Mindfulness, a practical online course