How to Start Living Mindfully.

When you begin practicing mindfulness you might find that it can help you to feel calmer and more connected in all areas of life. Starting Mindfulness can help to soothe anxiety, improve sleep, and help you to create better relationships with the people around you.

We’ve created this list of 5 tips to start living mindfully, to share practical ways that you can bring your mindfulness into everyday life. We asked our facilitators for the tools in living mindfully that they use everyday.

Here are the 5 tips they gave us for more mindful living:

  • Tip One – Take a Moment to Pause and Breathe

Susie shares: “I found that bringing in a pause to my day was my first big step to bringing mindfulness into my daily life. Literally stopping – wherever I found myself, and taking a few mindful breaths.

Really being present with the in-breath and with the out-breath. I found it helped my mind to slow down a little, and made me more aware of what was going on for me. That’s always my first advice to anyone starting a practice – just to take a moment to pause and to breathe.”

That’s always my first advice to anyone starting a practice – just take a moment to pause and to breathe.

Heart Movement Ambassador Susie
  • Tip Two – Let Yourself Off the Hook

Veronica shares: “The term ‘Living mindfully’ often gives the impression of living a calm life or always being happy or never losing your temper…

For me to start really living mindfully, I had to let myself ‘off the hook’ and accept that life is a series of highs and lows. So whether I am filled with delight or in the depths of despair I notice it and feel it. This makes life way more colourful and meaningful.

My encouragement to anyone who wants to live more mindfully is to start by letting yourself ‘off the hook’ and to open up to what is  here right now with a curiosity and a willingness to turn towards it with interest and kindness.”

If you are looking for support to let yourself “off the hook” why not join Veronica in our next free event “What is mindfulness, really?” sharing practices and tips to bring mindfulness into everyday life.

  • Tip Three – Connect with Emotions in the Body

Stuart Shares: “One tip I have for beginning to live mindfully is connecting with emotions in the body.  Asking yourself “where do I feel this in the body?” or “what is the most prevalent feeling in the body just now?” 

Then describing the sensation.  Is it hot, cold, tingly, pressure, hard etc?  If it’s comfortable try staying with that sensation for a little bit longer.  This allows us to process the emotion in the body, giving it space. It takes our attention away from the thinking mind which can be a dangerous place to be when strong emotions are around.”

  • Tip Four – Start the Day Mindfully

Ri Shares: “I find that the way I start the day has a huge impact on how my day goes! So I try to do some qi-gong practice every morning – even a 5 minute standing practice so that I have time to feel how my body is before I become busy has a huge impact.

My tip is to set an intention as to how you want to start your day and try to stick with it. Make it achievable and be curios about how it feels.”

  • Tip Five – Find Mindful Reminders

Lorna Shares: “For me, living mindfully, is about remembering to be mindful and aware rather than on autopilot or lost in thought.

At the moment I am stopping and taking three breaths every time my phone makes a sound. I hear the sound. I invite myself to stop. I take three intentional normal breaths – aware of breathing in, and aware of breathing out. I have a very buzzy phone which offers many opportunities to come home to my breath and my body and then return to whatever I was doing with a renewed sense of presence.

My tip would be to find something that happens regularly in your life, and see if you can build mindfulness in around it in the same way.”

We hope you found this blog post useful! We’d love to hear from you which tip you resonate with, or what you would add to the list. Let us know in a comment or join the conversation on social media. Don’t forget if you want to keep up to date with our latest blog posts and community news you can sign up to our newsletter here.

By Frankie Dewar<br>
By Frankie Dewar

Starting her mindfulness journey during University, Frankie is passionate about making mindfulness accessible.