Developing Kindness for Self

Turn off that inner critic….

In this 2 week course we explore ways to really help us to listen to ourselves, to better understand our needs and wants so that we can develop self kindness (and learn how to turn off that inner critic).

A short introduction to the concept of self-kindness

Why is it that we struggle so much with self-kindness? Even the idea of it can feel uncomfortable – we feel that we don’t deserve it, that we should always put others first or that we shouldn’t need it. It’s hard to be kind to ourselves when we don’t know what we need!

Self-kindness isn’t all about bubble baths and massages.

In this short course we explore ways to really help us to listen to ourselves, to better understand our needs and wants. We look at Paul Gilbert’s model of emotions, to help identify how we can access more emotional balance. Once we’ve worked out what we need, we set some intentions to help us move forwards. We also look at how to turn off the internal critic, which can be a huge barrier to giving ourselves kindness. 

The course includes 8 x 10-minute audios for you to listen to in your own timing, plus the opportunity to join monthly live facilitation sessions with an experienced facilitator.  The cost is £40.

You will also have access to a dedicated group on The Heart Movement App in which you can chat with other participants, ask questions, and share inspiration and resources.

Course Curriculum

  1. What gets in the way of self-kindness?
  2. Tuning into me: learning how to listen to ourselves.
  3. How to deal with discomfort.
  4. Understanding our emotional regulation zones
  5. Expanding our ‘green zone’: the Soothing System
  6. Creating our own happiness project
  7. Cementing your happiness project
  8. Learning how to turn off the inner critic


Susie Hooper

Susie was introduced to mindfulness through her work with men who have committed sexual offences. She quickly realised how beneficial a regular practice was, enabling her to experience her emotions more deeply and to be kinder to herself. Through her mindfulness practice she almost never listens to the internal critic anymore! She loves teaching mindfulness in her local community in Central Scotland, and also online.