Heart Movement Bus Partnerships

We have exciting opportunities to support our pioneering Heart Movement Bus

To build a different kind of world we need to work together

The Heart Bus is an extraordinary project and we are looking for extraordinary companies that share our values to partner with us. No matter how big or small your organisation is, there are opportunities to work together and build a different kind of world.

Nationwide offerings of heart-based living techniques and technology will be offered to approximately 40,000 participants each year. With our planned media coverage, and social media engagement, we expect the excitement of the Heart Bus to provide a much wider reach.

Launched in May 2021, The Heart Bus is travelling the UK offering an open access space to learn, connect and experience heart-based practices within cities, local communities and youth spaces.

Find out more about becoming a Heart Bus Partner

Please get in touch if you would are interested in your organisation becoming a Heart-Bus Partner. Feel free to fill out the form below, or email info@theheartmovement.org