Our relaunch as The Heart Movement!

We’re very excited to announce our relaunch as The Heart Movement. This will be the new trading name of the Heart-Based Living Initiative as we continue to bring the tools for living with more heart and connection to the world.

These past few months, we’ve been working with This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll (the designers behind Extinction Rebellion and co-founders of Extinction Rebellion Arts Group) and Maarten Hunink (founder of Not A Factory) to bring alive our vision.  What we are birthing is a dynamic movement that we feel is really needed right now: one that connects us, one that feeds us and one that will make an impact on thousands of lives.

We believe we can all live happier, more balanced and more heart-felt lives through mindfulness and listening spaces. We see the wellbeing found through mindfulness as a fundamental basic human need, not a lifestyle luxury for those who have the time and the money. This is why we are offering so many free online sessions, have launched a membership platform and are moving forwards on our Bus plans.

The Heart Movement Bus will be on the road after lockdowns are lifted to travel and connect with people across the whole of the UK offering free heart-based mindfulness techniques, free food and open spaces for listening.  The Heart Movement reach will be far and wide – from community centres to universities, from prisons to cultural gatherings, from refugees to hospices – in all our major cities. Our aim is to listen to the needs of different communities, to share relevant wellbeing tools and offer resources for longer term support.

Our bus is unique and will feature an eye-catching design by Jane Mutiny, a painter and street artist who brings alive our radical ambition to bring, no-strings-attached wellbeing resources to people of all walks of life.

The Heart Movement has a big mission. We believe that lasting positive change comes from mindful communities that support cultures of care and wellbeing to grow in their lives and work. Our vision is to build a diverse network of ambassadors who are empowered to share these wellbeing skills with their communities, and to do so in the most relevant ways that meet their needs.

We want the benefits of The Heart Movement to ripple out across the whole of our society.  You can support our mission from just £2.40 a month, we invite you to join The Heart Movement.

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Ri Ferrier

Ri has been practicing mindfulness since her early 20s, when she discovered the power of meditation and being fully present. Since then she has delved deeply into this work, from Jungian based retreats through to Shamanic ceremonies, both as student and as teacher. She is also a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, a therapy that brings nourishment and healing through deep listening to the body.