Our Partners

We give heartfelt thanks to our community of partners, affiliates, inspirations and supporters. Together, we are building a world where wellbeing is accessible to all.

HeartMath helps you to transform your stress into resilience, to achieve higher levels of performance and to live your life with more heart, health and happiness. HeartMath is a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques which are easy to learn and designed to be used “in the moment”, whatever the situation, meaning that you can bring your best self to your professional, social and personal lives.

The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) supports a UK-based network of people and organisations who care about the wellbeing of people and planet. NOW believes that a person’s wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of the community in which they live and work, while the wellbeing of their community depends on the wellbeing of society as a whole, and the long-term health of the natural world on which we all depend. In their work, NOW offers regular wellbeing events and content, runs community projects such as the Share Shed – library of things, and has a small retreat venue called Eden Rise in Devon.

The Resurgence Trust is an educational charity that seeks to inform and inspire change and connection – to each other and to the living earth. Resurgence promotes planetary and personal wellbeing, social justice and spiritual fulfilment. It strives to contribute to a better world for all through the pages of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, a broad range of events, and through The Ecologist website which publishes free, daily, online environmental news.

TreeSisters is an invitation to everyone to do as much radical good as they can for the planet. TreeSisters offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women’s leadership, Nature-connection, and significant behaviour change as we make the shift from being consumers to restorers. TreeSisters is funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities within more than 10 major ecosystems around the global Tropics, through a diverse portfolio of vetted, trusted reforestation projects and in the process, planting millions of trees.

At Better Nature, we create all-natural meat alternatives that are just as nutritious as they are delicious. We do this using tempeh – a plant-based protein originating in Indonesia that’s packed with protein and fibre and awesome for the gut. From our naturally delicious Ribz to our mouth-watering Rashers, you’ll love every bite!

Zen Peacemakers International is an NGO created by the late Bernie Glassman to serve as a global movement and network for mindful social action. Their work is informed by ‘three tenants’ of social action that serve to inspire responses to injustice that are informed by experiencing connection and direct encounters with challenging situations and environments.

Compassionate Mental Health is a UK-based Community Interest Company which offers experiential events designed to inform, inspire and empower people living and working with mental distress. Part of a growing worldwide movement calling for a more integrative approach to mental health- one that celebrates and encourages the power of community, connection, self care and solidarity in the process. 

We’re Pulsin, creators of great tasting healthy snack bars, protein powders & shakes. Forged from the minds of three university pals with a passion for creating high quality, genuinely healthy products that don’t compromise on taste. From originally rolling energy balls in their parents’ kitchens to 14 years later creating products with a team of over 50 at their Gloucestershire HQ, powered on renewable energy and a proud zero to Landfill site.

Positively worded pencils, posters and cards, designed to get children talking and thinking about their dreams, feelings, worries and plans while boosting self-identity and well-being by sparking conversation about the things that really matter. 


Josh Donaldson is a filmmaker and videographer and produces engaging, cinematic video content under the guise, ConsciousFilmCo. Josh set ConsciousFilmCo up in an attempt to align his personal ethical values with his work, and began producing content for charities, businesses, artists and change makers who are trying to make a positive impact on the health of our society. The journey has evolved along the way to include working for an eclectic mix of clients involved in various industries, creative practices and events.


If you purchase any goods via our affiliate network we get a commission that enables us to continue offering free mindfulness to communities across the UK. Thank you!

What makes HeartMath unique is that you can practise the techniques using our Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Coherence biofeedback app and sensor. Coherence Biofeedback gives you real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state. This increases your self-awareness and helps you to develop the ability to self-regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Intelligent Change: Tools to positively change your life
Intelligent Change crafts elegant tools and simple daily routines to instil positive change in your life – including their famous Five Minute Journal which encourages you to shift your mind to a state of optimism. It is full of approachable and structured exercises that can lead you down a path toward an enhanced version of the person you already are.

At VIVOBAREFOOT we have developed a patented, ultra thin, puncture resistant sole, allowing for maximum sensory feedback as well as protection from the modern world. We make shoes for all terrains, so that our customers can live Barefoot everyday. Our shoes are not just for existing barefoot enthusiasts and off-road athletes; the various product ranges have a broad appeal across a wide range of demographics, including urban commuters and parents of young children.

Complete Unity Yoga is a family run UK business dedicating their time and effort to perfecting environmentally friendly yoga and meditation equipment. By collaborating with some of the world’s best material engineers, they serve the yoga and meditation community. Their products are loved by yoga teachers and practitioners worldwide. Start fresh with new eco-friendly yoga & meditation equipment. Shop now and save 10% using an exclusive The Heart Movement discount code: HEARTMOVEMENT.