Mindfulness for Parents

Find Calm and Connection Together….

Join us for this 2 week audio course where we we explore ways that mindfulness can help us, as parents, understand more about ourselves and our children. Finding self-compassion, stability and stillness within busy family life.

A short introduction to the course from Veronica

On this course you will discover how mindfulness can support you as a parent. As parents we tend to give ourselves a hard time and doubt our ‘parenting style’. Balancing work and home life can be difficult and at times overwhelming. On this short course you will get a better understanding not only of your child and how your child’s brain works but also of yourself and your own habits of reactivity.

We will work through how to communicate in a more meaningful, compassionate and fun way. As parents we tend to neglect ourselves and on this course you will discover the importance of learning the skills of mindfulness so that you can take better care of yourself. When we are able to find stability and stillness, even amidst the busyness of family life, we resource ourselves. By being more self-compassionate and finding ways to cultivate joy and happiness you create an environment in which your child grows.

The course includes 8 x 10-minute audios for you to listen to in your own timing, plus the opportunity to join monthly live facilitation sessions with an experienced facilitator.  The cost is £40.

You will also have access to a dedicated group on The Heart Movement App in which you can chat with other participants, ask questions, and share inspiration and resources.

Course Curriculum

  1. What is mindfulness and how is it relevant to parenting?
  2. Cultivating patience by practising presence
  3. Role modelling
  4. The Child’s Brain
  5. Creating Safety
  6. Self-compassion and responding to stress
  7. Getting seriously light-hearted – gratitude and celebration
  8. Communication


Veronica Ellis

Veronica’s background is in teaching young offenders and children with Special Educational Needs.

She is the founder and director of Mindfulness Connected Learning and has created mindfulness programmes for parents and for people suffering from stress in the workplace. She teaches mindfulness to both adults and children and has also created a mindfulness course for children with ADHD.

She is committed to creating safe spaces so that mindfulness can be easily explored by individuals and groups. Veronica has completed an extensive course with Gabor Maté in ‘Compassionate Inquiry’ and is passionate about using this approach within her mindfulness work to facilitate insight and growth.