Listening Spaces

Listening Spaces are a chance to experience being truly heard and a chance to train in a special quality of listening that can have a transformative impact on the way we communicate.

What a privilege to be heard, and to sit and listen with my heart. The opportunity to talk, from the I, without what I say being unpacked or ‘touched’, in the container of confidentiality is sacred.

How do listening spaces work?

During difficult times, these opportunities to come together to truly listen to each other offer a way to reduce our fears and anxieties.

What is a Listening Space?

It’s a practice of learning how to listen inwardly to our own hearts, bodies
and minds – and to take care of our personal experience – whilst listening
outwardly to others.

It’s a place where we ‘listen with our hearts’ meaning that we listen
beyond the words, to the feelings being communicated beneath the words.
We seek to suspend our judgements and ideas whilst we listen, offering an
unconditional openness to the person that is sharing their story.

It’s a place where we ‘speak from our hearts’ meaning that we speak
from our own experience, rather than discussing ideas or theories. We try to be spontaneous – not planning what we’ll say – but checking in to our
hearts to see what wants to be said in the moment.

It’s a ‘contained’ space – in other words, there are a set of agreements
about the form of the listening space, which help to keep it appropriate and

I will never tire of listening spaces. A chance to see the wonderfulness of human beings and hear about the diversity of human experience.

How a Listening Space works on zoom…

  • We begin with a short guided mindfulness practice
  • The Facilitator will invite a brief ‘checking-in’ go-around
  • The Facilitator will briefly review the guidelines of the listening space and open the space to an open sharing
  • To share, each person can un-mute their mic and speak in turn. Whilst one person is speaking, we all practice just listening

When our Listening Spaces are held

We offer free monthly listening spaces and members monthly listening spaces. Both are accessible through our App:

Are Listening Spaces right for me?

Before, joining in a Listening Space online, please do check that this is the right environment for your needs at this moment. It’s important to know that a Listening Space is not therapy and the facilitators are not acting as therapists in holding the space.

If you’re currently holding something very personal and very difficult, we really ask you to make contact with dedicated mental health supports, such as Samaritans phone line (116 123) – or your local GP who can direct you to the in-depth support that you need. We say this so that we can be as responsible as we can in ensuring that everyone is receiving the level of support that they need, and in the right environment.