Join The Heart Movement

Many hands make light work, many hearts make a movement.

The Heart Movement is a not-for-profit organisation funded entirely by donation.  Your support is crucial in helping us to continue to bring much needed mindfulness practices to people across the UK for free.

Your heartfelt contribution goes directly to the costs associated with running The Heart Bus and offering free guided sessions on the App.

Together, we can bring practical wellbeing tools to people of all backgrounds that will underpin the rest of their lives.

You can either support the Heart Movement with a regular monthly payment of £4.99 through the App, join the Movement with a one-off fee of £10 or make a donation towards the work we do.

Why support us with a regular monthly payment?

Your regular monthly payment of £4.99 through the app helps us to keep visiting towns and cities in the UK, sharing practical wellbeing tools and simple connection with children, parents, young people, carers, nurses and those most affected by the pandemic completely for FREE.

In addition, you’ll have access to a huge wealth of audio recordings and live sessions to help improve your own wellbeing!

Join The Heart Movement with a one-off fee

The cost to join The Heart Movement is £10 and in return you will receive the following benefits (as well as knowing that you are helping us to reach many, many hearts!):

Wear your badge with pride!
To acknowledge your involvement in the Heart Movement, we will send you a Heart Movement badge to wear with pride.

Heart Based Living: A Brief Introduction
We will also send you a free copy of our 16-page booklet on Heart Based Living. The three foundations of mindfulness, heart intelligence practices and listening spaces are outlined with practical ways for you try these approaches yourself.

One month’s full premium access to The Heart Movement App
You’ll also receive one month’s full premium access to The Heart Movement App. This is a great community platform to connect with others, attend live facilitation sessions and access a wealth of video and audio resources to help you live a happier, more connected life.

Make a Donation to the Work we Do

If you’d like to make a further donation to the work that we do, that would be most appreciated. Did you know that…..

  • £20 enables us to run a free mindfulness session on the Heart Bus for a group or community in desperate need of calm, connection and support.
  • £50 enables us to run a week’s worth of Morning Mindfulness Sessions online.
  • £100 covers the fuel for a 4-5 day Tour of the Heart Bus, enabling us to impact the lives of many people in the heart of their community.

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for your support!