Hopes and Aspirations Going Forwards.

I actually feel like the past five weeks have put me on a really good path. I’m listening to myself in a way I never have before which is helping me to understand and recognise what my avoidant behaviour looks like so that I can call myself out on it.

Going forward, I’d like to create a routine for my mindfulness practices. I think that the best time for some kind of meditation and self-check in would be first thing on a Monday morning for me. I really enjoyed the group morning mindfulness session, so I’m hoping that I can incorporate that once a week, or on a day I know has the potential to be particularly challenging.

But then, I’ve found that fitting in my meditations during walking works really well for me. I’d love to find more short walking meditations that are focussed on tactile experiences as well. That was where I felt most connected to and supported by mindfulness practices, so I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for a few different recordings that I can bookmark and rotate as necessary. I think a good goal to keep in mind is one walking practice and one group practice a week.

I actually feel like the past five weeks have put me on a really good path.

I’m also aware that the key emotion I’ve been tuning into when listening to self is sadness, and how I use avoidant behaviour to combat that. It’d be interesting to start listening to how my body responds to other negative feelings as well. I’m incredibly quick to anger and, whilst I actually love that quality of my personality, I know I don’t always express it in the right way. I think it would be good to learn how to recognise that feeling instead of letting things pile up on top of one another and condense into a bigger outburst than is reflective of the situation.

I don’t think I have any specific goals in mind other than that, I’d just like to build on what I’ve already done. Maintain the current pace instead of stopping altogether as soon as I don’t have these blog posts to keep me accountable. The act of writing these posts and being generally aware of the concept of mindfulness has been instrumental in helping me find my feet over the last five weeks and I’m excited to see how I cope without it.


This is the final part 10 of a series entitled ‘A Sceptic’s guide to entering the World of Mindfulness’.

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Kenzie Ward