Heart Movement Bus Partnerships

We have exciting opportunities to support our pioneering Heart Movement Bus

To build a different kind of world we need to work together

Becoming a Heart Bus Partner will involve having your organisation’s logo on the bus, corporate training days and much press coverage. Most of all you will be enabling the Heart Bus’ mission to improve the lives of thousands of people.

Evidence suggests that our heart-based living techniques will decrease anxiety and depression, decrease stress, increase happiness and optimism, improve sleep and emotional regulation, boost the immune system and improve self-esteem and general wellbeing.

Nationwide offerings of heart-based living techniques and technology will be offered to approximately 40,000 participants each year. With our planned media coverage, and social media engagement, we expect the excitement of the Heart Bus to provide a much wider reach – to approximately 10 million people.

From Spring 2021, The Heart Bus will travel the UK offering an open access space to learn, connect and experience heart-based practices within cities, local communities and youth spaces.

The Heart Bus will be a highly visible marketing asset to help spearhead this movement. It will have its own webcam and will be gathering the key themes from the streets that need addressing; it will be our gatherer of the voice of the people.

Find out more about becoming a Heart Bus Partner

Please get in touch if you would are interested in your organisation becoming a Heart-Bus Partner. Feel free to fill out the form below, email info@theheartmovement.org