Heart-Based Living Intensive

Heart Based Living Intensive

An immersive 4 day residential training course in mindfulness, heart coherence and listening spaces

Learn ways to reconnect with your own heart’s basic intelligence

Offered as a 4-day residential course in beautiful surroundings with the support of a team of experienced facilitators, we create an immersive environment for exploring experiential practices of heart-based living. The programme is designed around the structure of everyday life and focussed upon offering practical and sustainable ways to bring awareness and heart to every aspect of living: our self-care, our care for others, our work, relationships and personal sense of connection and meaning.  Our learning is supported by daily talks, activities and workshops in which we explore the science, the application and meaning of heart-based living.

Upcoming Course Dates

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic we are currently not offering any residential courses. Please sign up to our email list to be kept informed as soon as we announce a new date and in the meantime do join us online 😉

What will I learn?

This training forms an experiential introduction to practices for self resourcing and living with more heart – with each of the four days taking as it’s theme one of the ‘4 keys to the heart’:

  • exploring our relationship to rest
  • investigating & expanding our capacity for authentic happiness
  • understanding the meaning of difficulty in our lives and how best to respond to it
  • examining and revitalising our sense of connection

These are grounded in the foundations of:


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Our courses teach mindfulness as a way of connecting mind and heart and how to apply it to every aspect of life: from short practices that cultivate rest and ease, to applied practices such as walking, eating, speaking and relating.

Heart Coherence

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Heart Coherence

Heart coherence training includes a range of practices for accessing and increasing our capacity for self-regulation and positive emotion. We will explore this with the support of Heart-Rate Variability biofeedback technology, as well as how to generate and maintain our innate heart-qualities (such as gratitude, inspiration, and love)
The resulting physiological wellbeing, emotional balance and mental clarity generated by this training is described as ‘coherence’.

Listening Spaces

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Listening Spaces

We will offer concrete ways to listen with our hearts rather than our heads and to open ourselves to more empathic and meaningful communication. These practices can be applied widely: in personal relationship, the workplace and in community dialogue to open up possibilities for genuine communication and understanding.

Workshops and Themes include…

The art of stopping, self care and rest​

  • Mindfulness practices for daily life to restore wellbeing and sustain vitality
  • Finding our way of practicing from 2 minutes of stopping to a sitting meditation practice
  • Exploring what does creating more space in life look like?

The science of heart coherence

  • Accessible tools for sustaining positive emotion in daily life
  • Heart Rate Variability biofeedback training for measuring personal coherence
  • Practices for accessing inner resources for emotional balance and self-regulation

The relationship between listening to self and listening to others

  • Listening and communication practices for strengthening relationships and responding to challenges with more empathy and connection.
  • Exploring the power of listening to enable authentic communication, connection and understanding.

Considering the role of difficulty in our lives

  • Practices for taking care of difficult emotions and developing self-compassion
  • Tools to remain centred and resourced in challenging situations

Sustaining a heart-based life

  • Ways to develop an integrated practice of mindfulness, heart coherence and listening
  • Practices for integrating self-care and resilience in your workplace, caring roles and relationships
  • How to create a network of support for your mindfulness practice

Our course does not end on the last day…

Because we seek to build a participative and engaged community, the Heart-Based Living Intensive is designed to help participants start a lifelong journey.

Participants are supported after the residential course with 3 months worth of live online group sessions, an online community group page and access to a continued learning resources page to support an applied and integrated practice that meets the needs of individuals’ lives.

The Heart-Based Living Intensive counts as a prerequisite for our Ambassador Development Programme.

The Facilitator Team


“I had the privilege of being in a mindfulness training group led by the heart-based living initiative team. Over the 20 days in their company, they embodied every aspect of the mindfulness qualities and values they shared. 

While each have their own unique style, these complement one another, providing a breadth and depth of being, teaching style and experience that gave such a rich learning and growth experience. 

I felt held in open-hearted acceptance, warmth and authenticity. The impact of the journey we shared had, and will continue to have, an incredible impact on my life personally and on my ability to share with others. 

If you want to experience an environment that will inspire, develop, nurture and celebrate your individual growth then take any opportunity to be in their company”
“I was fortunate to attend four amazing retreats facilitated by Lyndsay, Will, Michael, Jasmine and Kareem. Their gentle and authentic teaching style enabled me to connect fully with the experience, and my time with them has been life-changing. They held the space in a caring and safe way, that enabled us all to fully open to the experience. They were authentic in their own sharing of life’s challenges and this created an open environment of mutual trust and acceptance”
“I was blessed to be able to be held and guided by this unique blend of facilitators in 2018. They were each able to weave their individuality effortlessly into a wealth of teachings, heart-led mindfulness practices, and loving care during a retreat over 20 days. They brought me a depth of knowledge and wisdom which enriched our time together. Demonstrating their vulnerability, inspiring personal stories, humour and dedication to living a life from the heart was deeply nourishing for me.”

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We are committed to ensuring that Heart-Based Living courses are available to all who wish to participate, irrespective of financial circumstances. It is our policy to offer financial assistance for 25% of course places to help make participation more accessible if the Standard rate is too high.
We welcome and encourage people to make use of these options as we want to extend our inclusivity beyond those fortunate enough to afford personal change and growth, allowing us to connect with other areas of need.
Our various pricing options are outlined below:

Standard rate
Our standard rate for the fully residential 4-day course is £795.  This covers all meals, accommodation in single rooms, a full schedule of daily talks, activities and workshops as well as access to ongoing support after the course.
You can choose to pay in 2 instalments with our deposit scheme: deposit payment of 50% due on registration and the remaining instalment will be due 6 weeks prior to the course start date.
If you are book at the same time as a friend we offer you each a £50 reduction (use the promotional code of FRIEND).

Supported rate
There are places offered on each course at the supported rate of £495 for those who are genuinely not able to afford the Standard rate.  All financially assisted places are offered 6 weeks before the start of each course and payment is required in full to secure your place at this time.

Scholarship Fund
There are also places offered on each course through our Scholarship Fund. To apply, you will need to fill in a short, confidential application form. Please email us at info@heartbasedliving.org.uk to request an application form.