Enjoy the little things – Our community’s answers to “What sparks joy?”

We’ve been focusing on what brings us joy, not through the huge moments in life, but by slowing down and appreciating the the little things.

Being curious and mindful as we go about our day to notice those moments that help us tap into joy.

We hope you enjoy reading through the answers our community have shared and would love you to join in the conversation too. You can chat to us and find out more on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Here are the 6 moments of joy from our community:

Joe Holtaway

I find joy in Bella’s prrr! Bella came into my life 2 years ago. After being rescued from a box in a rubbish bin, and having 6 months with a foster family; arrived nervous and now, not so much!

Susie Hooper:

The action of getting into bed at night, and pulling the covers up to my chin gives me a feeling of joy. There’s a sense of satisfaction at getting to the end of the day, a feeling of comfort and cosiness – it makes me go “aaahhhh” 

There’s a sense of satisfaction at getting to the end of the day, a feeling of comfort and cosiness – it makes me go “aaahhhh” 

Annabelle Williams:

Seeing the plants on my kitchen windowsill brings me so much joy. I thank them for growing so beautifully and for teaching me the beauty in just being oneself. When they’re flagging I tell them “you got this” and I remember “I’ve got this” too🌻.

Veronica Ellis:

A fire on the beach after a long swim in cold choppy waves. The laughter and intimacy of friends as we dry off and position ourselves with the wind at our backs to avoid teary smoke filled eyes.The gradual thawing out as the sun sets and the fire rises. All this brings me joy.

Louise de Caux

I love consciously moving and dancing to some glorious piece of music that lifts my heart and inspires my Soul especially if it is a spontaneous moment.  Joy fills me up and my heart overflows often bringing me to tears of joy.  Here I am in Wales some years ago doing just that. 

Lorna reid:

I find it helpful and supportive to lean into ‘moments of joy’ in my day.

The moments are there every day; I just need to stay connected enough to my experience to notice them and feel the joy sparkle and radiate through my body.

Here are some moments of joy so far today:

  • Savouring the warmth and flavour of a cup of hot spiced apple tea.
  • Having the opportunity to do meaningful work, and having a plan about how to make my way through it today.
  • The sound of my husband whistling in the shower.
  • Hearing some very welcome good news and noticing a deep sense of relief.
  • Taking time revisit all of the above as I remember and write it all down.

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By Frankie Dewar<br>
By Frankie Dewar

Starting her mindfulness journey during University, Frankie is passionate about making mindfulness accessible.