In response to the Covid pandemic, we are launching The Heart Bus: a mobile teaching studio that we want to take into the heart of the communities who need it most.

Our aim is to teach mindfulness in simple, practical sessions. The Heart Bus will be a place where you can come and get crucial support post-Covid.

Mental health across our country was in a poor state before the pandemic – with 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem each year, over 9 million adults always or often lonely and 12.7% of sickness absence days attributed to mental health conditions.

Much will unfold in the coming months about the mental state of people across the whole of the UK – and we aim to play a big part in helping.

Bringing Calm

Bringing Connection

Bringing Wellbeing

Evidence suggests that our heart-based living techniques will decrease anxiety and stress, increase happiness, improve sleep, boost the immune system and improve self-esteem.

We believe that wellbeing is a fundamental basic human need, not a lifestyle luxury. We know these practices aren’t available for everyone. With your help, we are going to change that.

Help us to reach 40,000 people in the UK

Visiting universities, youth clubs, charities, hospitals, community centres
Touring major cities such as Brighton, London, Manchester, Birmingham
Welcoming people to drop in and experience mindfulness in a safe space
Teaching practical and free wellbeing tools for every day life
Offering nourishing free lunches from our in-built kitchen on the Bus
Connecting people through shared heart coherence practices

What participants say about our teachings

“It’s the most profound, meaningful and beautiful course I’ve ever been on.”

“I’m so relaxed, in fact I’m sleeping more than ever before.”

“I found it really positive being able to explore things that I wouldn’t normally be able to.”

Want to be involved in this visionary project?

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