Courses and Events

Introduction to Heart Based Living

Learn the three fundamental practices that underpin heart-based living: mindfulness; heart intelligence and the importance of listening spaces. Find out more.

Start Mindfulness

A 4-week introduction to Mindfulness developing techniques for overcoming stress and uncertainty, soothing anxiety and building positive emotions. Find out more.

The HeartMath Experience

A 90 minute free course outlining the 5 HeartMath techniques that help deepen heart connection and strengthen the ability to navigate daily challenges with ease and composure. Find out more.

Heart Intelligence

This 4 part course will help you to explore the incredible effects of the Heart in relation to your mind-body connection. Find out more.

Developing Kindness for Self

This 2 week course explores ways in which we can better listen to ourselves and to understand our needs and desires so that we can develop self-kindness. Find out more.

Bringing Mindfulness to Anxiety

In this 2 week course we learn how body based mindfulness can begin to offer some healing to the experience of anxiety. Find out more.

Mindfulness for Parents

This 2 week course explores the desire to be the ‘perfect parent’ and ways in which to bring more mindfulness to parenting. Find out more.

Mindful Listening

A 2 week course focusing on special listening skills to bring about a transformation in the way we communicate. Find out more.

Responding helpfully to Stress

This 2 week course helps reveal our own stress story and the ways in which we can learn to respond positively. Launching July 2021.

Jan 2022: Community Facilitator Programme

This is a detailed facilitator training programme of 6 months duration that teaches the skills required to share Heart Based Mindfulness practices with others.  Find out more.