Community Facilitator Progamme

This is a detailed facilitator training programme of 6 months duration that teaches the skills required to share Heart Based Mindfulness practices with others. 

To build a different kind of world we need to work together.

The Heart Movement Community Facilitator Programme is open to people from all walks of life, who are inspired to deepen their own learning and share the simple but profound practices of mindful awareness, heart intelligence and mindful listening with others. 

Delivered as a series of 4 live online training weekends run over three months, and supported by a 6 month programme of personal reflection, home practice and peer learning, our aim is to help you develop the confidence and skills to share your practice of heart based living with others.

A new story of wellbeing facilitation

This is not a training in a ‘one-size fits all’ standardised mindfulness course. We prescribe no curriculum, or set outcomes. Instead, it has been our experience that communities are best served by facilitators who come from a shared lived experience – and who are able to tailor the practices of mindfulness, heart intelligence and listening into the right language and form to suit their groups.

Perhaps you have:

-known addiction, anxiety, depression or illness and would like to share what you have learned with others that might benefit?

-been helped by mindfulness as a parent, health worker, a person in care, or a business leader?

-a wish to share heart practices with your community as a person of colour, as a member of the LGBT community, with women, with men, with youth?

This is how The Heart Movement hopes to build an army!… of heart-based facilitators; each carrying their own story, experience and understanding of the needs of the communities to whom they speak… 

Who is the Community Facilitator’s Programme for?

  • All those seeking to share heart based practice within their workplace, community or with family and friends.
  • Those seeking to develop resources and materials tailored to the needs of the specific groups they serve.
  • Those seeking a community of peers practicing mindfulness, heart coherence and listening spaces.
  • Those seeking opportunities to participate in an engaged community, partnering in outreach work and the work of sharing mindfulness and heart based living with others.

What does the Community Facilitators Programme involve?

4 themed weekend online courses
  • Each weekend begins with a live hour-long Friday evening orientation to the weekend.
  • On Saturday and Sunday there will be a programme of live talks, Q&A sessions, participative workshops and a community listening space.
  • We will learn the key principles of community facilitation, practice these skills together in small peer-learning groups and meet to share our reflections, learning and experiences.
  • These live sessions comprise the mandatory attendance of the course and total 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday.
6-month period of support

  • access to a bank of audio and video guidance resources for sitting practice, mindful movement, mindful walking, mindful eating and resting.
  • Support in the process of deepening your own ground of heartful awareness: the core foundation from which all facilitation is offered.

What will I learn?

  • What it means to ‘embody’ a heart-based awareness and way of being as a facilitator
  • How to introduce the key concepts and practices of heart based living in a simple and accessible way
  • How to guide others in mindfulness and heart intelligence practices (including sitting meditation, movement, heart coherence training, mindful walking and eating, resting practices and mindful listening)
  • How to hold a group as a supportive facilitator – receptive to different kinds of experience, questions, difficulties and group dynamics
  • How to build a community and how to support that community in offering practices that meet them ‘where they are’
  • How to offer safe and supportive listening spaces
  • An awareness of trauma-informed group-holding and the ethics of creating safe spaces
  • What it means to speak from your own experience as a fallible human being and authentic facilitator
  • How to use your own experience, vulnerability and creativity to create meaningful offerings that serve the needs of your group
  • Guidance for marketing your facilitation work
  • Ongoing contact with facilitators, peer groups and the wider ambassador community to connect about successes and challenges in sustaining personal practice and our experience of sharing them with others

What commitment is involved?

As well as the 4 weekends of live trainings (requiring approximately 9 hours of attendance between Friday evening and Sunday evening), you will be assigned to a small peer learning group which will meet twice per month and in which you will practice the skills of introducing concepts, guiding practices, facilitating group reflection and holding gentle listening spaces. This gives you the opportunity to learn-in-action within a small group of your own peers.

The cost of the course is £795 and includes 36 hours of live teaching and workshops (alongside a package of home practice resources, learning refection materials and peer-learning practice groups).

To join participants must either have completed a residential Intensive PLUS have completed Start Mindfulness (or equivalent introductory training). For those who have not completed one of our residential Intensives, we are offering, during Covid time, free access to a set of recordings from our Intensive course, as an online Introduction to Heart Based Living.


Course starting January 2021: FULLY BOOKED

Course starting January 2022: Applications welcomed

How to apply

Download our application form and send it to

If you have any questions do email us – we will be happy to help!