Community Facilitator Progamme

An in-depth 6-month facilitator training programme. Learn to share Heart-Based Mindfulness practices with others.

To build a different kind of world we need to work together.

The Heart Movement Community Facilitator Programme is open to people from all walks of life, who are inspired to deepen their practice and share the simple but profound practices of mindful awareness, heart intelligence and mindful listening with others. The programme offers an ongoing community of support, kick-started by an initial 6 month period of training and mentorship, and sustained through online community, resource-sharing platforms and events for further development.

For those that have attended The Heart Movement programmes (including our The Heart Movement Mindfulness Intensive) and are inspired by and engaged in heart-based mindfulness, we invite you to join the Community Facilitator community.

A dynamic and participatory model

The Community Facilitator Programme seeks to gather a large and diverse pool of Community Facilitators inspired to bring these simple and radical practices to their different communities. 

Standardised course formats taught by persons of similar background and perspective are inadequate to meet the unique and changeable needs of the different groups they aim to serve. Bringing heart-based living to those in prisons, to hospices, to disengaged teenagers, to refugee groups and business communities– all need different language, orientation and approach. We seek to move beyond the “one size fits all” wellbeing course and adopt a more flexible and creative response inspired by the expertise, experience and inspiration of our Community Facilitators. 

The Community Facilitator’s Training equips facilitators with the key facilitation skills needed to share heart based practices and offers access to a dynamic participatory platform designed to enable the creation of individualised courses and offerings that express the authentic voices of the facilitators themselves and that meet the distinctive needs of the groups they work with. 

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Who is the Community Facilitator’s Programme for?

  • The Heart Based Living Community Facilitator Programme is open to people from all walks of life, who are inspired to deepen their practice and share the practices of awareness, heart coherence and heart-based communication with others.
  • All those seeking to share heart based practice within their workplace, community or with family and friends
  • Those seeking to developing resources and materials tailored to the needs of the specific groups they serve.
  • Those seeking a community of peers practicing mindfulness, heart coherence and listening spaces
  • Those seeking opportunities to participate in an engaged community, partnering in outreach work and the work of sharing mindfulness and heart based living with others

What does the Community Facilitators Programme involve?

Initial 4 day residential course
  • In-depth guidance for deepening your practice and experience of mindfulness, heart coherence, and listening spaces
  • Experiential training in skills for leading mindfulness practices, heart-coherence tools and listening spaces with authenticity and depth.
  • Guidance on the skills and the dynamics of holding groups
  • Support for community building
6-month follow-through period of support

Online learning and mentoring:

  • Access to monthly online sessions to continue learning and for support in integrating heart-based practices into daily life. 
  • Ongoing contact with facilitators, peer groups and the wider ambassador community to connect about successes and challenges in sustaining personal practice and our experience of sharing them with others.

Opportunities to develop a personal model: 

  • the opportunity to develop resources and shape materials based on the needs and contexts of the communities they wish to serve. 
  • This process is supported by further development resources, peer reflection exercises and opportunities for collaboration
Access to a community of support and collaboration
  • Ambassadors are connected through a digital UK-wide map as a basis for shared practice, peer support and resource sharing.
Access to an open-source materials sharing platform
  • Ambassadors are given access to an online platform dedicated to the development of heart-based living materials tailored to your groups’ specific groups.
  • Ambassadors working in shared fields such as end-of-life care, prison work or with disengaged youth are facilitated to collaborate and share experience.
Opportunities for engagement and one-off events
  • Ambassadors have access to an ongoing dynamic community, with opportunities for participation and engagement in the work of the Heart-Based Living Movement (such as outreach participation, volunteering and facilitation opportunities whenever these are available)
  • Access to an ongoing programme of one-off events that cater to: deepening heart based living practices; retreats and courses that explore areas of special interest; and gatherings for the practice and development of facilitation skills.
Opportunities for specific programme development mentorship
  • To support our mission of making wellbeing practices accessible and relevant to all, our team is committed to supporting Ambassador projects wherever possible and offering our expertise and support in the development of population-specific tailor made materials. We have previously engaged with Ambassadors and offered collaborative support to help realise specific programmes. See our Ambassador Case Study – Developing A Course for Refugee Youth below.

Case Study

Developing a course in heart based living for refugee youth

In 2017 some of our team began collaboration with a college lecturer working in a department of English as a Foreign Language in Glasgow. In her work she was teaching groups of unaccompanied refugee youth, kids struggling with incredibly painful backgrounds and lives of insecurity and disorientation. She had begun to teach them basic mindfulness practices as a way of helping them to generate some degree of focus and calm and it was helping a lot. It wasn’t part of her teaching remit and everything she taught them in support of their emotional wellbeing was created in her own time and trialled in the classroom. She was incredibly encouraged by the groups’ responses but emotionally unsupported in her role, hurt by the stories she heard and overwhelmed by the task at hand. She struggled to create something that would serve this group within a demanding full time job that left no space to do so.

Content Director, Lyndsay Lunan, partnered with this lecturer to help to create the first Ambassador project : a course in heart based living for refugee youth. Over a period of over 18 months, they worked together using their complementary expertise in working with refugee youth and in developing courses to create an interactive programme in heart based living supported by animation for language independent learning as well as trauma-informed practices, movement, creativity and community building exercises. The project obtained funding and will soon be available for others working with refugee youth who are inspired to share these simple but life-changing practices.”

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