The Heart Movement Bus

The Heart Movement Bus is an open-access community space travelling the UK and creating opportunities for people to experience the benefits of mindfulness, listening spaces and the technology of heart intelligence.

Bringing a dream to life

The workshop space sits 12 people inside the bus

The Heart Movement has held a lifelong dream about owning a bus that could travel across the country and bring spaces for wellbeing, listening and human connection to cities and communities across the UK. Our converted American school bus is ready and waiting to hit the road in Spring 2021, after lockdown travel restrictions are lifted.

We know that heart-based mindfulness practices aren’t available for everyone and we want to change that. The Heart Movement Bus has a radical vision to bring, no-strings-attached, free wellbeing resources to people of all walks of life.

In public city spaces we will offer free food and create open environments for people to drop in and experience moments of pausing and resting in the midst of city life. Our built-in workshop space will also offer listening spaces, inviting members of the public to participate in meaningful experiences of sharing and listening to the stories of other strangers. Wherever we visit, we want to offer every person who steps in an experience of being heard and the opportunity to walk away with practical wellbeing tools for their lives. 

The Heart Movement Bus tour will also include visits to businesses, community organisations, colleges and youth groups.  Our aim is to listen to the needs of different communities, to share relevant wellbeing tools and offer resources for longer-term support. Of course, the bus isn’t the end of the story. People who find benefits in heart-based mindfulness can go further by downloading our App and joining our online sessions, courses and community and ultimately train to become a community facilitator and offer these practices to the communities that they are part of.

“The bus is such a crucial tool for helping us achieve our vision of a world where heart-based mindfulness is available to people from all walks of life.”

Ri Ferrier – Managing Director

We hope for the bus to be a platform for the voices of different communities, a channel to gather the voices of the streets and all the stories that need to be heard. Please join us on this journey of listening and reconnection.

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