The Heart Movement App

Our app is a hub for people to access practical tools for wellbeing and be part of a supportive community 

As a heartfelt thank you for your monthly donation of £4.99, we will give you access to amazing benefits, including these…

  • Live Morning Mindfulness Sessions every weekday at 8am
  • Weekly Online Events to enhance your wellbeing
  • A wealth of video and audio resources created by us, for you
  • Live connection with our expert team of Ambassadors and Facilitators
  • Access to our 4 week Start Mindfulness course
  • A friendly community of Heart Movement supporters

We want to create spaces where everyone can enhance their wellbeing – and we can’t do it without your support.

Ultimately, we want to create a strong network of communities, benefitting from what we offer, who share our mission and, through their generous donations, can help us to support other people for whom mindfulness and wellbeing practices may not normally be accessible.

I find it quite hard to describe the magic I experience being part of the morning community. It is a really welcoming and supportive space.


By becoming a regular supporter of the Heart Movement you will support our Heart Bus tours and enable our team of facilitators to bring wellbeing practices, calm and connection to people all over the UK, in places where these are needed most – COMPLETELY FREE!

Watch the Welcome slides as an easy way to learn about the App.

Curate your own experience by joining Spaces of interest to you.

We offer short and in-depth courses to explore topics further.

If anyone hasn’t yet tuned into a Heart Movement event – listening space, workshop or community campfire, I would definitely recommend trying one out. The feeling of community and connection is deeply nourishing.


How to get The Heart Movement App

We are offering all new supporters their first month in the App for free – so you can experience for yourself all of the rich resources and community within the App before committing to longer term support.

We don’t believe that a lack of funds should limit your ability to access wellbeing tools and support from a like-minded community.  That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer a limited number of places in our app community completely for free.  We won’t ask you to prove your financial status, all we ask is that you participate in the community and spread the word about our mission if you like what we do.

To apply for one of these places, please email