The Heart Movement App

Are you looking for more Calm, Connection and Well-Being?

The Heart Movement App offers a unique experience to learn the tools and techniques of mindfulness while being part of a vibrant community.

We offer live facilitation with a wealth of video and audio resources to help you live a happier, more connected life.

Curate your experience

What excites us most about The Heart Movement App is the ability to curate your experience by choosing your areas of interest and to connect and learn with each other!

We’ve created a unique digital experience that teaches you to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.

Audio Resources

  • Get access to video and audio resources for free!
  • Or join as a member to help us grow the movement and benefit from more in-depth content, integrated courses and live offerings.

Live Workshops

  • Free users have the ability to livestream weekly workshops.
  • Members have access to all recordings of the workshops to revisit the content time and time again.

Connect to Groups

  • The App is a safe space for you to connect and chat as a community.
  • You can join location and topic based groups – so that you can make your voice heard in topics that matter to you.

Content for all levels of experience

Easy to use, and  filled with content for all levels of experience, the Heart Movement App lets you connect with other members in your area and participate in live mindfulness sessions, workshops and Listening Spaces.

Free Features

The App has a completely free platform that allows you to access:

  • Morning Mindfulness Meditation on Fridays
  • Monthly Listening Space
  • Ability to livestream weekly Living Deeply workshops
  • Access to a selection of audio and video resources
  • Monthly special events (e.g. deep relaxation sessions and Tea Ceremonies)

Additional Features for members

The cost of membership is £4.99 per month or £49.99 per year and allows you additional features as follows:

  • Morning Mindfulness Meditation Monday – Fridays
  • Monthly Members Listening Space
  • Recordings of all Living Deeply workshops
  • Access to a wealth of in-depth audio and video resources
  • Monthly special events (e.g. deep relaxation sessions and Tea Ceremonies)
Our Community Manager, Tamsin, talks about the 5 reasons to download The Heart Movement App.

How to get The Heart Movement App

You can scan the QR code below:

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