The Heart Movement

We are a non-profit organisation, dedicated to supporting people to live with more balance, connection and emotional resilience.  We do this through mindfulness, heart intelligence training and listening spaces.

Our Mission

Bringing The Heart Movement to communities across the UK

The Heart Movement is on a mission to bring calm, connection, and wellbeing to everyday life.


  • Simple tools for stress reduction and well-being
  • Techniques for building more calm and emotional balance in daily life

Heart Intelligence:

  • Interactive experiences for learning the science of positive emotions
  • Training with bio-feedback technology

Listening Spaces:

  • Tools for building group cohesion and trust
  • Exercises for mindful communication and honest dialogue

We believe we can all live happier, healthier, more connected lives through mindfulness.

We see wellbeing as a basic human capacity, not a lifestyle luxury. We are building a diverse community who can share heart-based mindfulness in ways that are relatable to individuals and communities from all backgrounds.

Our Values

Inclusive Care We are open and warm, welcoming all

Sustainable Humanity We are real, and long-term

Impactful Participation We are collaborative and transformational

The Heart Movement for You

Courses and Workshops

Our courses teach mindfulness as a way of connecting mind and heart and how to apply it to every aspect of life: from short practices that cultivate rest and ease, to applied practices such as walking, eating, speaking and relating. We offer a range of courses and daily mindfulness practices. Join us via our App.

Morning Mindfulness

Every weekday morning, we host a live morning mindfulness session led by an experienced facilitator. Join us to start your day with a solid foundation. It can change how you feel about yourself and about the world in general. These are accessible through our App.

The Heart Movement Bus

The Heart Bus is our mobile workshop. From the bus we provide free, practical, no-strings-attached wellbeing resources to people of all walks of life. The bus travels around the UK – types of visits include Universities, Charities, Events, Corporate Workshops and Town Centres.

Living Deeply: Weekly Teachings

Our weekly ‘Living Deeply’ workshops are led by a trained facilitator via zoom. Each week we explore different topics such as intention setting, nourishing happiness, listening & communication. If you are starting out, having a teacher to lead you through a meditation practise is recommended.

Community Facilitator Training

An in-depth facilitator-training programme to allow people to share mindfulness with their communities. This 6 month programme of personal reflection, home practice and peer learning, aims to help you develop the confidence and skills to share your practice of heart based living with others.

Mindful Listening Spaces

The chance to be truly heard is transformational, and that’s why we’re so passionate about listening spaces! In these circles, we have the opportunity to learn to listen with our whole being. Listening with your whole being opens up a whole new world of connection, both with ourselves and with others.
We offer monthly free listening spaces, so why not come and experience this for yourself?

The Science

At the Heart Movement we combine the science of mindfulness with expertise in meditation practice.  Numerous studies have identified the scientific basis of mindfulness as a mind-training practice that changes cognitive structures and corresponding behavioural habits.

Mindful Awareness

Mindfulness is a practice of bringing awareness to every ordinary gesture of life, from drinking a glass of water to engaging in a difficult conversation. In this way, we train our capacity to live in the present moment. We can experience life more fully and more joyfully through our senses rather than being stuck in our heads. Mindful awareness can be accessed in one minute, sustained throughout any activity, or underpin a whole way of living.

Heart Intelligence

The term ‘heart-intelligence’ describes the way that the human heart acts as a central regulator of both physiological and emotional wellbeing. Not only does the heart contain ‘neurons’- making it a kind of ‘heart-brain’ – but studies have shown that by training the heart-qualities of appreciation, gratitude and love, we can activate the conditions that support optimal wellbeing.

Our training in Heart intelligence includes a range of practices for accessing and increasing our capacity for self-regulation and positive emotion. The resulting physiological wellbeing, emotional balance and mental clarity generated by this training is described as ‘heart coherence’. 

We teach how to develop both emotional and social coherence with the support of Heart-Rate Variability biofeedback technology, as well as how to generate and maintain our innate heart-qualities (such as gratitude, inspiration, and love) to increase physical wellbeing and to develop our capacity for emotional self-awareness and self-regulation.

Listening Spaces

When we listen attentively, we are open-minded and open-hearted enough to hear what is going on – within ourselves, within another person, or within a situation.

Our model places the practice of listening, alongside mindfulness and coherence, as one of the central foundations of training. We offer concrete ways to listen with our hearts rather than our heads and to open ourselves to more empathic and meaningful communication. These practices can be applied widely: in personal relationship, the workplace and in community dialogue to open up possibilities for genuine communication and understanding.