Hello! We’re glad you’re here!

Are you looking for mindfulness and wellbeing support? Maybe you’d like to live with more ease, give yourself time and space to rest, or let go of something that’s weighing you down.

Whatever it is that’s brought you here, our trained facilitators and 250+ strong community of people just like you, are here to listen, and where we can, to help. Why not give our mindfulness and wellbeing community a try?

What is the Heart Movement?

We are an online community, who come together to practice mindfulness and learn about improving our wellbeing. We started in response to the lockdown in Spring 2020 and are still running strong. Although we started in response to a crisis, we’ve realised that connecting online in this way is useful to our community in the longer-term.

We have a daily practice we call “Morning Mindfulness” where we meet on zoom to practice every morning, as well as workshops, Qi Gong, Yoga Nidra, book clubs, listening spaces and community meet ups. It’s like having a full wellbeing community from the comfort of your own living room.

Who is The Heart Movement – Wellbeing Mindfulness Community for?

We say everyone’s welcome and we mean it! There are a beautiful range of people who come to our sessions from across the country and we love it. There are some reasons why you might like to sign up with us in particular:

  • If you prefer to practice at home. Whether it’s because you have responsibilities at home, don’t have access to mindfulness groups in your area, or maybe you aren’t always able to travel for sessions. This isn’t the only reason people join us, but we love that we’re helping mindfulness to be that bit more accessible
  • If you are going through a transition in life. Maybe you’re changing careers, finding a new path, your children have left home or you’re moving house. Whatever it is, a regular mindfulness practice can help it all happen with ease
  • If you are just starting out with mindfulness. If you’ve tried the apps, the youtube videos, and podcasts, but something isn’t quite working. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to anything and mindfulness is no different. Our live sessions allow us to tailor what we’re offering to your needs, and if there is something you don’t understand you can ask us there and then.
  • If you are looking to deepen your practice. There is something really powerful about a community of people all sharing the same space to practice together. To hear each other’s experiences and be challenged to reflect more deeply on your own experiences. If you are wondering “what’s next?” this could be the step for you.
  • If you just want to give it a go. Always wondered what “mindfulness” is all about? We’re completely here for you to dip your feet in and give it a try. No judgement, no hassle and no strings attached. In fact we regularly run free events and sessions with that in mind, as well as offering you the ability to book individual sessions before you become a member. Helping people to take that first step to prioritising themselves and their wellbeing.

Hear From Our Wellbeing Mindfulness Community

“I registered for the  morning mindfulness sessions and quite soon I realised I had found the other community I had been searching for.”

“If anyone hasn’t yet tuned into a Heart Movement event – listening space, workshop or community campfire, I would definitely recommend trying one out. The feeling of community and connection is deeply nourishing.

It’s a very positive, very supportive community. You come to know people quite well, and you’ll go into a session and think I hope so-and-so’s there or I wonder if this person will be there. And I think that’s testament to what you get from it.”

Find the support that’s right for you

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