The Heart Movement offers simple, practical ways to bring more calm and connection to everyday life.

We’ve a community App, facilitated courses and our touring Heart Bus.

Mindfulness means to be more aware of what’s going on – right here, right now

We can train ourselves to:

– Make choices about where we put our attention
– Quieten our busy minds
– Be accepting of ourselves and others 

Taking care of our minds is as important as taking care of our bodies!

We offer practices for all minds and for all aspirations.  So if you’re wanting an antidote to stress, anxiety, insomnia or are just needing to learn how to pause in your day, give The Heart Movement a try!

New to mindfulness?

Try Start Mindfulness: a 4-week online intro course

Be Mindful Online

During the current Covid-19 restrictions we are offering a range of online mindfulness offerings through our new App. Many are free.

The Heart Movement Bus

Our Bus will give people a chance across the country to experience mindfulness, heart intelligence and listening spaces.

The Heart Movement Mindfulness Intensive

This residential course teaches fundamental skills for a calmer and more connected life.

Join The Heart Movement Community

Livestream weekly “Living Deeply” workshops
Live morning mindfulness with a trained facilitator
Access guided meditations from any device at any time
Be part of something bigger
Find inspiration and nourishment

The Heart Movement Conversations

Find out how the heart and brain are connected and what we can do to regulate our emotional well being in our latest webinar.