The Heart Movement is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to supporting people to live with more balance, exness link and emotional resilience. 

How do we do this?
Well, we’ve converted an American School Bus – The Heart Bus – into an open-access community space that is travelling the UK and creating opportunities for people to experience the benefits of mindfulness, listening spaces and the technology of heart intelligence.

Our Vision

Read more about the vision behind the Heart Bus.

Press Coverage

Read the latest press coverage of the tour.

We also offer a Community App that allows you to learn the tools and techniques of mindfulness whilst being part of a vibrant community.

  • Live Morning Mindfulness Sessions with trained facilitators
  • Weekly “Living Deeply” Workshops to help your find more calm
  • Access guided meditations from any device at any time
  • Join monthly Listening Spaces to feel heard
  • Find inspiration and nourishment within the Community

We also offer a wide range of online courses and once Covid restrictions lift, will also be reintroducing our 5 – day residential courses.

New to Mindfulness?

Become a premium member of our Community App and you will be given free access to our 4-week Start Mindfulness course.

Already experienced in Mindfulness?

We have a wide range of online courses covering anxiety, stress, parenting practices of heart-based living.

The Heart Movement Mindfulness Residential

This residential 5 day course teaches fundamental skills for a calmer and more connected life.